Friday, April 11, 2014

francona orb review

ORB Review
Kyle Gemme
Francona by Dan Shaughnessy

Francona is an overall really good book. I really like baseball so this was a really good book for me. It’s basically about the Red Sox manager Terry Francona. The book talks about his years with the Red Sox. In this book there is a lot of swears which kind of sets the tone for it in a way. Also there is a lot of baseball talk in it as well. I would highly Suggest reading this book if you are a die hard baseball player or fan like me. I would rate this book a solid four paws because i really love the authors style of writing and the way he presents things to the reader.

"Terry Francona's new book is not only a must read, but it is a fascinating and entertaining look into the daily life on Yawkey Way during that memorable time period...full of surprising and fun anecdotes…There are glimpses of his relationships with the players – good and bad…and in most cases Shaughnessy’s thorough reporters includes perspective from the players, executives and owners." – MLB.com!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/baseball.jpg

"A good read, well worth it for any Red Sox fan or anyone interested in the last decade of baseball. Francona and Shaughnessy tell how the Red Sox became champions and also how it all fell apart." –


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