Friday, April 11, 2014

francona orb review

ORB Review
Kyle Gemme
Francona by Dan Shaughnessy

Francona is an overall really good book. I really like baseball so this was a really good book for me. It’s basically about the Red Sox manager Terry Francona. The book talks about his years with the Red Sox. In this book there is a lot of swears which kind of sets the tone for it in a way. Also there is a lot of baseball talk in it as well. I would highly Suggest reading this book if you are a die hard baseball player or fan like me. I would rate this book a solid four paws because i really love the authors style of writing and the way he presents things to the reader.

"Terry Francona's new book is not only a must read, but it is a fascinating and entertaining look into the daily life on Yawkey Way during that memorable time period...full of surprising and fun anecdotes…There are glimpses of his relationships with the players – good and bad…and in most cases Shaughnessy’s thorough reporters includes perspective from the players, executives and owners." – MLB.com!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/baseball.jpg

"A good read, well worth it for any Red Sox fan or anyone interested in the last decade of baseball. Francona and Shaughnessy tell how the Red Sox became champions and also how it all fell apart." –


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

 Short story 
Author notes
1. I would like the reader to relize that you cant jump the gun on things you have to have patients. If Max waited his leg could have been healed.
2. I think the setting and the character weas a good fit for the situation of the story.
3. I got to the point where i couldnt think of anything else to write.
4.There are no edits that i would like to make before my teacher reads this.

     It was a clear Sunday morning when Max hot ready for his hockey game. When he got there he realized that one of his pads popped out of his pants. He didn't think it was a problem until the second period. He was on defense when a center came flying towards him. The center tripped and his legs went straight up in the air. It clipped Max in the lag and he starts gushing blood. All the medical people come rushing onto the ice. He had a big gash in his thigh. If the bad was in it probably would have stopped the blade.
   Later that day when he wakes up from the hospital a doctor came in his room with some news. The doctor told him that they had to take a piece of muscle out of his leg during the operation.
"What. Will I be able to walk"! Says max.
"Your going to be able to walk it just might take some time". Says the doctor
   With this in Max's head he wonders if he will be able to skate again never mind walking. The doctor tells Max that he should take it easy for a couple months. This upsets Max because the championship game is two weeks away.
"No I have to be ready to play in...." Max gets cut off by the doctor.
"Now Max you can't be active for at least two months".
   Max goes home that day and immedietly turns on the TV to NHL network. The least he can do is at least watch his favorite sport. With Max sitting on the couch all day he notices some blood on the bandage. He calls his mom over to check it out. She says it is fine it is just healing. Tom turns on his XBOX and puts in NHL 14. This is Max's favorite game to play. But he hears the phone go off.
"Hello" Max says.
"Hi it's your doctor. I was wondering how it has been going".
"I geuss it's going all right. I'm not in school at least". Max says.
   Two months later Max is set to go,and signs up for some high school hockey. What he doesn't know is that he is going to be a lot weaker than he was before. When the tryouts come he goes out onto the ice feeling good. But when they go to skate some suicides he is behind everyone. He feels his right leg fall behind him. He can't take it anymore so he skates off the ice slowly. Max has never came out of a game or practice before this.
    The year after his high school tryout his doctor calls him with some bad news. He says he will not be able to play sports maybe ever again. It turns out that the bone in his leg actually got nicked by the blade of the skate. If he puts pressure on his right leg the bone will split slowly. When Max finds out he drops in shock and refuses to sit around and do nothing all day.
    Max has to spend his high school years in a wheel chair and always have a teacher by his side. It is not excactilly what he thought would happen to him after all. The good news is he will be out of the wheel chair in about four to five years. Max still constantly watches hockey on TV since it is his favorite sport.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Pearl value essay

Value Essay three items that I like the most that i could put a price tag on is my XBOX my Ipod and my baseball equipment. I like my xbox because I can do a lot of things with it and Enjoy it. I like my Ipod because I do pretty much everything on it like listen to music play games and text. Last but not least I like my baseball equipment because baseball is my life. Without my equipment I could not play properly. My Items i just listed are the ones that i like the most. I like them the most because i will be using them constantly.
Another reason why I like my XBOX is because I can talk to my friends and play my favorite games on it. Plus when I am board i can hop on my XBOX and play a game. Another thing I can do is watch videos on you tube as an app. One of the games that I play the most is Madden twenty five. I play this game the most because i enjoy football. I also like it because the graphics are so good. It really looks like you are watching TV when you are playing. Thats why i could put a price tag on my XBOX.
Another reason why I like my Ipod is because I can keep in touch with all my friends. Also there are a lot of apps that I can use. A bonus is that it is a apple product. It is also small so I can take it where ever I go. It is also a good appliance to take when I am board. I am so protective over my Ipod. I dont like anyone to hold it or say “ let me see it “. This is because it was given to me for a report card present and i dont want anything to happen to it. reason why I like my baseball equipment is because I play baseball twenty-four-seven. Without it I couldnt play on a team. Also I have a favorite bat and glove. I wouldnt be able to use some one else s equipment. It is important to have your own baseball equipment because a player will play best with his own equipment. Well at least that is how it works for me. I would rather have my own baseball equiptment than use someone else s because i wouldnt be use to someone else s glove or bat. That is why i could put a price tag on my baseball equipment.
I also have three items that are priceless. For example I enjoy playing sports and being with friends. Also making money. Playing sports to me is priceless because there is nothing better than being outside. Being with my friends are priceless to because I like spending time with them. Last but not least making money is priceless because there is nothing better than having money. like these items because they are something that is a part of my life and they will always be important. Plus they were all given to me by family members. That is another reason why I like them. This is because they were nice enough to get them for me.
Those are important but the next two objects that I will talk about are the ones that are most important to me. Those are my XBOX 360 and playing baseball. The priceless object would be playing baseball and the price tag object would be my XBOX 360. .I like both of these items the same. I value all my items but the ones listed above would be my favorite.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Speak final Assignment (kyle)

Speak Final Assesment

1.) One time when i was in a baseball game i was on second and my inner voice was telling me to go steal but my outer voice was saying not to steal. This wasnt due to peer pressure. I didnt go beacause i deceided that the catcher had a good arm. I felt that if i did go then i would get out. But if i went and made it i would be ninety feet away from scoring. The catcher had thrown people out earlier in the game and i didnt want to become apart of the thrown out club. I chose not to steel third because if i got thrown out i would end the inning. Later that inning the batter got out on strike three. This made me regret not stealing. I regreted this because something else could have happened if i stole. But we ended up winning the game so in the long run i couldnt regret what i did because we won. I didnt change my mind beacuse of peer pressure i would say i changed my mind by not wanting to stand out by getting thrown out. If it was a good way of standing out i wouldnt of cared.

2.) A time when my inner and outer voice were in harmony was when i had a homework assignment and i didnt want to do it. I was thinking that i wasnt going to do it. I knew that if i didnt do it , it would bring my grade down. I had so many activities that i had done and still had to do that i was so tired and didnt want to do it. It was a social studies assignment which makes the situation so much worse. To me social studies is my hardest class. If it was any other class i probably wouldnt have had a problem. I already had a bad grade so i knew i had to do the assignment. i was being what is called a procrastinator. This means that i knew i had to get something done but was putting it off till the very last minute. The moment i grabbed my paper in anger and said i have to do this. So i did do the paper. I agreed with my inner voice and outer voice. This was a time when my inner voice and my outer voice was in harmony. This means that i agreed with my to voices.

3.a.) In the book SPEAK Melinda is in art class and she is thinking all these things but she is not saying them.
Mr. Neck: “ We meet again”.
Would he listen to “ I need to go home and change,” or “ Did you see what that bozo did”? Not a chance. I keep my mouth shut.
Mr. Neck: “ Where do you think You’re going?”
It is easier not to say anything. Shut your trap, button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say. (pg. 9)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Hand in Review

1st quarter reading book review
Free Baseball By Sue Corbet (fiction) Published in 2006 Published by Scholastic


    This story is about a baseball team that is not that good seeing they have one really good player. They have some ups and downs but you cant ever give up and that is the moddo they took and stuck with. They reach the biggest game of their lives and hope that all their hard work has paid off. Read to see how they did.

Quote: “ Terrific book”. Says Julia Bogart

    I thought the book itself was a very good book if you like baseball. If you like baseball then this will be a book for you. It is a book with a lot of baseball action. I could compare the book to the Matt Christopher series which is also a very good sport series.

Quote: “ I LOVE this new book by Sue Corbet”! Says Tracie Vaugn Zimmer.

    I was affected by the book by realizing that it was about baseball. Baseball is practically my life so i knew it would be a good book for me. As i was reading i started to notice that the fantasy team was kind of like my AAU team. I can relate to the book because it is about baseball so i knew what they were talking about. I felt it was a great book to read.

I would give the book Free Baseball a solid 4 Paws - Meaning to pursue it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

melinda is clandestine

Speak Reflective Reading Quiz

1.) quiet, clandestine, shy, lonely, arcane

2.) I chose quiet because when the art teacher called on her he couldnt hear her when she spoke. I chose clandestine because it means secret and she is secretive. I chose shy because she doesnt like to talk to anyone one anymore. I chose lonely because she doesnt have any friends or anyone to be with. I chose arcane because it means to be obscure and she is obscure.

3.) I think the word that best describes her is clandestine because it means secret and she is living one right now.

4.)    I think clandestine is the best word to describe Melinda. I think this because clandestine means secret. Melinda is the one living and keeping a secret. In other words, Melinda is clandestine. Throuout this whole story she is secretive.
    Another reason is because no one knows that she was raped. That is why it is a secret. Another reason is because she doesnt want anyone to know about what happened to her. Plus the word is a good juicy word and makes sense to me.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Hunger Fight

Authors Notes
 1. I want the reader to realize that you should never give up on what you are doing.
2. what works well is that the characters fit together perfectly. it was easy to find the setting and put them together.

A Hunger Fight

    “Punch. Punch. Jab. Jab. Hook. Hook. Kick. Kick. Nice work, Alfred. The only thing you need to work on is your cardio. You can’t win if you can’t stay in the ring longer than your opponent,” said the workout instructor.
I started going to the gym about a week ago trying to clean up my life a bit. Around the same time, a girl named Katniss started coming to the same gym for workout sessions. Some of my gym partners have said that she has the hardest punch in the gym. I think they are right because I saw her on the punching bag and she almost hit the bag off the chains.
“Hey, Alfred,” said Katniss.
“Hi,” I replied.
“So what are you doing after your workout?” said Katniss.
“Well, I think I am going to work on some more boxing moves. Later, I might just see what’s happening around my neighborhood,” I said.

It was 3:50 in the afternoon when I ran into my friend Katniss. “So how did you find out about the gym?” asked Katniss.
“My friend James told me about it, but my other friend Major broke into a grocery store where I was working and he told me he was bringing the money back to the gym.”
“Wow! That’s an interesting reason. I guess whatever way you found out about it works. If that never happened, we wouldn’t be here right now talking about it,” said Katniss.
“My big fight is on Tuesday. You should come,” I said.
“Yeah, that sounds great. I’ll be there,” Katniss replied.

I was so happy when Tuesday finally arrived. “Today’s the big day,” I said to Katniss.
“Yeah, I know. I’m excited for you! Good Luck, I’ll be cheering for you the entire time,” said Katniss.
            The boxing ring was lit up by lights that felt as if they were blasting heat on the fighters and spectators. The first time I ever fought, I knocked my opponent in the second round. I guess he didn’t like that because tonight we are having a rematch. This time it is for the Championship Belt.
The referees gave the signal and the fight began. I got a few punches in first but then my opponent gave a few back. Katniss was worried about me now because I was bleeding. Then I gave my opponent a right hook and knocked him out for a second time. “I am the champion!” I yelled. I can hear everyone chanting my name as I am given my belt.
After I got cleaned up from the fight, I went to meet Katniss. As we are talking I saw a tear fall down Katniss’ cheek. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I ask her.
“I have to go in the Hunger Games and risk my life. There’s a chance I may never see you again,” she replied.